Teacher Training Days

Our activity programmes aren’t just for students – we also offer teacher training sessions. Our programmes allow staff to work in teams or individually at a series of fun and intriguing challenges. Along with the fun, these sessions provide some real benefits for school teams, including:

  • Providing an ice-breaking introduction for new arrivals
  • Allowing teams to become reacquainted after a long break
  • Breaking down barriers between management and staff
  • Giving a change of pace and thinking time
  • Providing opportunities for teachers to work with others in different faculties
  • Letting colleagues step out of their roles and relate in different ways

In addition, and just as valuably, during our programme staff are put in the role of students. Teachers tell us that becoming students again – if only for an hour or two – gives them a fresh perspective on their own practice. It makes them reflect on the dynamics of collaborative work, how we respond to unfamiliar tasks, and perhaps what it feels like to be out of our comfort zones.

Sessions can take place at at our beautiful 33 acre site, H5 Adventure: The Lake. Alternatively, we can arrange sessions in The Brecon Beacons National Park or at your institution – contact us for a bespoke programme suited to your training needs and time constraints.

Sample activities we deliver on these days can include:

  • Problem-solving tasks
  • Bushcraft (making fire & cooking)
  • The Vegetable Race auction
  • The Crystal Dome

Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about our Teacher Training Day events.